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Standard equipment :

  • 3 point extension, category II
  • Working width 1.20m./ 1,50m. / 1,90m.
  • Notched discs with diameter 510mm
  • Self-lubrication bearing
  • 4-Rubbers Flexibility System on each bracket
  • Side plates adjustable
  • 450mm Tube Rear Roller
  • Rear Roller depth Hydraulic Adjustment




Working width

Transport width

Weight of the machine

Weight Roller Ø450mm

Tractor HP

Discs Number




534 Kgr

109 Kgr




1.50m 1,70m 598 Kgr 123 Kgr 70-90 12




662 Kgr

132 Kgr





Notched disc & working angle

The notched disc with 510mm diameter is suitable for each type of soil, in combination with the double working angle at each arm, is making the machine suitable to work at high working speeds, thus permitting the complete blending of agricultural crops with the soil, having the ideal distance between the rows of discs at 80cm. ADISC is ready for any challenge !










Self-lubrication bearing

Double row angular roller bearings suitable for high axial loads.
Protection against contamination and moisture through specially designed seal and ring
No maintenance life-long lubrication using high-performance lubricant
Maximum sealing performance of powdered, water, fiber, fertilizer and stones








Uninterrupted work with safety

In each disc bracket there are 4 rubber to protect effectively the disc tray from damage. The non-moving rubber absorbs the vibrations transferred to the machine and allows each arm to work independently of the rest and can lift up to 15cm from working depth. So you work uninterrupted with safety !






Protective Side Plates

The protective sheets situated on the edge of the two outermost discs prevent the formation of lines of the discs on the routes connections as the machine works. Since there is the possibility of working at a different working depth or during work to encounter a large obstacle, the protective sheets are fastened to the frame and can be rotated during the collision. In addition, you can adjust working depth and position along with multiple options !



Roller & Hydraulic Adjustment

The Roller has diameter 450mm and is a tubular roller suitable for light and non-rocky ground in dry conditions. The Roller guarantees the stable operation of the disc harrow at the required and specified working depth. Leaves the soil loose by creating the ideal conditions for sowing or extra processing.





Sowing or a trace hopper with contol

The sowing or a trace hopper distributor is electrically driven by the tractor and can accurately cast either the linearly or dispersively the desired amount of microfloral fertilizer, microbial drugs, trace elements and seeds from 2 Kgr to 50 Kgr per hectar.

With the help of the electrically driven electric motor from the tractor, the precision distributor can quickly and precisely control the adjusted and desired amount of seed or fertilizer by means of the air flow.

The setting of the desired throw quantity is made by a control which is placed in the tractor cabin.