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Grape cu disc de tip-V

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Disc Harrows V type

The heavy-duty V-type disc harrow is suitable for mixing hard soil or for crushing and leveling the soil.

VFN type disc harrows are characterized by a wide range of use with working width from 2.90m to 3.80m and variable working depth from 10 to 25 cm.




HITCHES                      Coupling is suitable for two different mounting directions

FRAME                         Hollow beam 150x100x10mm *(200x100x10mm)

BEARINGS                   Heavy-duty tapered bearings

DISC AXIS                    Square axis 50x50mm

DISC SCRAPERS         Independent and adjustable disc scrapers

DISC DIAMETER          Diameter 710mm and thickness 8mm, NIAUX 200

DISC DISTANCE           Distance 270 mm

DISC ADJUSTMENT    Hydraulically adjustable disc working angle

WHEEL SYSTEM          Hydraulically adjustable wheel lift

WHEELS                        400 / 60-15.5 6F

SIGNS & LIGHTS          Standard

** VFN disc harrows have toothed discs at the front and plain discs at the rear. Different configurations between plain
 and notched dics have to be specified at the order

NIAUX 200, discs, siptec, papadopoulos

Τechnical Data





Number of discs 22 24 28
Working width 2,90 m 3,20 m 3,80 m
Transport width 3,10 m 3,40 m 4,00 m
ΗΡ tractor min.140-160 min.160-180 min.180-200


2.800 Kgr 3.050 Kgr 3.300 Kgr


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