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Kariotakis company has established its name in the agricultural machinery manufacture and has to present the work of three generations.

Since 1953 founder was Mr.Anastasios Karyotakis who built the first plow in the area with a safety screw providing an innovative solution to the needs of that time up to 1976 took over the company Mr.Dimitris Karyotakis and since then the company has been the center of innovation and progress in the region .

So the foundations were laid for an intensive, organized industrial production of agricultural machineries such as plows, seeders, cultivator etc.

The third generation took over the company in 1998 with tenacity and vision to continue with the same dynamic and Kariotakis machineries to become known abroad. The effort is ongoing and constantly rewarded by the continuous conquest of new markets.

Our machinery are worthy and competitive and our continuous effort for improvement and innovation with one target always to remain the relationship of trust and cooperation with our customers. Because our investment is the people who support us and trust us for years and they are given us the strength to continue even more intensively and dynamically.