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MasterMix cultivator

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MasterMix Universal Cultivator

The Kariotakis MasterMix is a compact 3-row 
cultivator ideal for intensive soil mixing.
The MasterMix can mix the soil perfect in all 
depths & in all conditions between 5 up to 35cm.
The big height under the frame 87cm and the 
spacing between tines at 90cm  with the 
advantage of the Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety system are 
helping the machine to mixes all the residues 
even in heavy soils.

Advantages at MasterMix:

- Low Horse Power ( from 110HP)
- Working depth up to 35cm
- Great mixing in all working conditions
- Robust construction
- Non-stop Safety System (Hydraulically)
- Low diesel consumption
- Universal use

Standard equipment:

• 3 point connection, Cat II / III 

• Under frame clearance 87cm

• Front knife and side knives

• Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety System (with the help of accumulator)

• Three rows of tines

• A row of discs

• Hydraulic adjusted rear roller

• Maximum working depth at 35cm