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Sowing preparation cultivator

MultiKompakt is a type of cultivator that can prepare the soil after plowing during one pass because at the machine there are 5 different working zones, so the soil is processed over the entire working width of the machine.

While working with MutliKompakt the following advantages are achieved:

  • High working speed
  • High work efficiency
  • Excellent leveling of the surface
  • The ground surface is not only leveled but deeply compacted
  • Uniform tillage throughout the working width
  • Uniform growth of plants
  • The pellets are crushed and the soil is finely ground
  • Sporocline is formed at the required working depth

The soil is ready for sowing !


5 working zones

Kompaktor, Lemken compactor


To achieve an ideal level of sowing, MultiKompakt is equipped with 5 zones of work:

1. Ground leveling zone.
The adjustable ground leveling bar allows for even leveling and loosening of the ground.

2. Front roller zone
The front roller crushes the ground surface and at the same time unifies the ground.

3. Tines zone
The set of tines cultivates the soil and at the same time uproots the weeds throughout the working width. The working depth of tines is hydraulically adjusted and determines the sowing depth.

4. Final ground leveling zone.
The rear adjustable leveling bar ensures a perfect leveling surface for sowing.

5. Rear roller zone
The rear rollers crush the pellets and ensure the final cultivation of the soil, so that the soil moisture increases, the soil is fine-grained and ideal conditions are provided for sowing the plants.

Standard Equipement :

- Front ground leveling bar adjustable
- Front roller
- Frame with tines - hydraulically adjusted working depth
- Rear ground leveling bar adjustable working depth and working angle
- Rear double rollers
- S Tine standard version
- Models more than 4m are folding hydraulically

Technical data

Model ΜΚ250 ΜΚ300 ΜΚ350 ΜΚ400 ΜΚF400 ΜΚF450 ΜΚF500 ΜΚF550 ΜΚF600

Working width

2,50m 3,00m 3,50m 4,00m 4,00m 4,50m 5,00m 5,50m 6,00m

Transport width

2,50m 3,00m 3,50m 4,00m 2,50m 2,50m 2,50m 2,50m 2,50m

Fix / Folding

Fix Fix Fix Fix Folding Folding Folding Folding Folding

Machine Length

2,60m 2,60m 2,60m 2,60m 2,60m 2,60m 2,60m 2,60m 2,60m

Working Depth

0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm 0-150mm
S 26 30 34 38 38 43 48 53 58
Number of Tines      D 17 20 23 26 26 29 32 35 38
K 11 13 15 18 18 20 23 25 27

ΗΡ tractor

80-100 100-150 100-150 120-170 120-170 120-170 150-190 150-190 170-250

Working speed


Weight ( Kgr)

1.050 1.300 1.520 1.730 2.100 2.250 2.300 2.500 2.750

* Weight is indicative and may vary depending on equipment


Easy Operation

Selection of Tines

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