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A fact that marks the constant effort for innovative and practical applications in all the machineries we produce is the international patent we have established in 1992 for the Vertical Rotary Cultivator for vines & trees.

The Vertical Rotary Cultivator was an innovative machine for its time and could enabled the operator to cultivate the ground around the root of the tree or the vine. With the help of a hydraulic sensor, the Vertical Rotary Cultivator could work accurately and could cultivate and ventilate the soil in vines and trees without causing any damage to the root of the plant as it gave the operator the ability beyond the hydraulic sensor which was on the machine and was helping to avoid any obstacle, the operator had a hydraulic controller which was helping the machine in the event of a jam.

The idea, application and construction of the Vertical Rotary Cultivator was done by Dimitris Karyotakis, the certification came on 04-11-1992 under the number of international classification - patent (INT.CL.5): A01B 39/16 and the patent was valid until and 06-02-2011 where the production was stopped by our company.

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