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Basic features :   

  • Fertilizer hopper capacity 320 Ltr.

  • Working width max. 1.60m. minimum 1.20m.

  • Μetallic net inside the fertilizer hopper

  • 4 plastic fertilizer slots (fit 2 on each tooth)

  • 2 teeth

  • Rear line springs

  • Work depth up to 15 cm

  • Motion with metallic drive wheel

  • Folding step

  • 2 metal wheels with adjustable depth of work


Hopper 320 Ltr & Folding step

The linear cultivator is equipped with a large hopper with capacity of 320 Ltr. to provide comfortable and long-lasting lubrication work. While the advantage in the hopper construction is the 2 outlet points for the fertilizer, for easier emptying and cleaning of the hopper. Also with the help of the folding step, loading with fertilizer and any control in the hopper is easier !






Fertilizer regulator & working depth up to 15cm

In the hopper there are 4 fertilizer plastc lockers and a fertilizer drop down regulator for uniform distribution of the desired amount of fertilizer. There is a metal wheel that gives move to the hopper and follows the tractor speed, while the 4 plastic lockers end up in 2 teeth for casting the fertilizer up to 15cm deep and next to the root of the vineyard while behind each tooth there are 2 springs for better cover of the treated soil !







Adjustable metal working wheels

The two metal wheels have multiple positions to adjust their working height and to help the machine to have a consistent, vibration-free path. The metal wheels are durable and adapted to work even in muddy conditions since they have scrapers for automatic cleaning during working time.