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Sowing or a trace hopper

The Hoper controlled distributor moves electrically from the tractor and can accurately drop either linearly or in dispersion the desired amount of micro-granular fertilizer, micro-granular drugs, trace elements and even seeds from 2 Kgr - 50 Kgr per hectare.

With the help of the electric motor which moves electrically from the tractor the precision distributor can with the push of the air direct with speed and precision the adjustable and desired amount of seed or fertilizer.

The desired amount of throwing is adjusted by a control which is placed in the cab of the tractor.


σπαρτικη μηχανη monosem,σπαρτικη μηχανη amazone     σπαρτικη μηχανη monosem,σπαρτικη μηχανη amazone

This is an innovative machine that can be easily mounted on any implement such as harrow, disc harrow, subsoil, rollers, ripper, diggers, sowing machines etc.


And the user of the machine to achieve two tasks at the same time either tillage and simultaneous sowing, or sowing and simultaneous distribution of fine-grained

fertilizer and a rich combination of options according to the needs of the user !


As it is a multi-machine that can be used in various jobs such as distribution of rapeseed, clover, mustard, corn, alfalfa, rye, oats, peas, microscopic granular fertilizer, wheat, grasshopper, grass seeds .a.